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Let the kiddos go paint splatter crazy! They’ll have fun getting messy while splattering their canvases, walls and even each other. The birthday kiddo will take home a collaboration painting that is splattered by all guests in attendance as well as their own splattered masterpiece. Each guest will also take home their own canvas and t-shirt (depending on package selection).


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Q: Is paint washable?

A: We use acrylic paint which is NOT washable. We do have the option of switching paints to tempura or washable; however, these do not adhere well to the canvases and are not as vibrant as acrylic paints.

Q: Do you provide any protective gear?

A: Yes! Goggles or safety glasses in the Splat Pad are a MUST, we also provide rain ponchos, shoe covers, and shower caps if desired.

Q: What are the games included in the package?

A: We have cornhole, jumbo Jenga, and jumbo Connect 4 in the Splat Pad. We also provide other games depending on package selection.

Q: How long does the paint splatter session last?

A: Depending on the size of your party and package selection, the actual time spent in the splatter room lasts about 40-55 minutes. We also allow about 15-25 minutes of clean up.

Q: Can I bring in my own food?

A: Yes, you can bring in your own food, drinks and/or desserts. We have a freezer and refrigerator available to store your items if needed.



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