Plushies n' Stuffies Valentine's Day Tea Party




Join us for a whimsical adventure into the world of cuddly creations at our ‘Build Your Own Plushie Tea Party’! On Sunday, January 11th, from 11am to 12pm, children of all ages are invited to immerse themselves in a delightful morning filled with creativity and fun.

Each participant will “adopt” an adorable 8″ plush friend to bring to life with their own imagination. From fluffy bears to charming unicorns, the possibilities are endless! Decorate a plushie shirt to give your new friend a unique style that reflects your personality.

But that’s not all! Engage your taste buds and artistic flair as we delve into cupcake decorating. Let your inner pastry chef shine as you design delightful cookies to nibble on during our enchanting tea party.

Get ready to dress up in a world of fantasy with our dress-up trunk, open for both girls and boys. Unleash your imagination and transform into your favorite character or create a whole new persona for this delightful gathering.

As we sip on refreshing tea or lemonade, we’ll share a game or two and create unforgettable memories together. This workshop promises a delightful blend of creativity, friendship, and imagination! Valentine’s Day photo booth will also be set up for some beautiful photo ops!

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot for this magical event and let the fun begin!


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